How Long Can a Wasp Survive Without Food?


Wasps can vary wildly on how long they can survive without having any food. Their survival depends on several factors, such as species, colony ranking, age, and current weather. It can be from a couple of days up to a few weeks.

Some species have different feeding habits, as some prefer sugary foods, while others will hunt for meat. The ones that require sugar have higher energy maintenance, so they need to feed often, making them starve faster if not fed properly.

The worker wasps also have a significantly shorter lifespan compared to queen wasps, as queens can live several years, while workers only live for a few months at most.

Weather can heavily affect how long a wasp can survive, as extremely cold or hot weather can kill them off quickly even if they are well-fed, though faster if they have no food sources. But if the temperature is just cold enough that they don’t die off of it, their metabolism can slow down, allowing them to survive longer than usual.

If you spot a wasp inside your room, don’t expect the wasp to die quickly by itself from starvation, but instead, get rid of the wasp using remedies that are safe and efficient.