My Journey of Growing Tomato Plants from Seed

Follow my journey of growing tomatoes in my north-facing garden!

Those of you who love going to Spanish restaurants might enjoy eating ‘pan con tomate’ as much as I do. It is such a simple but lovely tapas dish! Having made it a few times at home using store-bought beefsteak tomatoes, I was keen to try making it using homegrown tomatoes instead to see if it made any difference to the taste!

Step 1: Picking the tomato variety

After some browsing, I decided to grow the ‘F1 Sweet Million’ tomato plant. I was enamoured by the vibrant appearance of the tomatoes and the fact that this variety would help produce a whole bunch of cherry tomatoes if I was successful.

Sweet million cherry tomato seeds

According to the seed packet description, the F1 Sweet Million is described as a heavy-cropping tomato plant that produces a lot of sweet and small tomatoes. It is also described as being a cordon variety, which means the plant is grown on a single stem. I had to be ready to stake and tie the plant once it started to reach maturity.

Step 2: Sowing and germinating seeds

Tomato plant seed tray

I popped a few tomato plant seeds into the germination tray. The growing medium of choice was the coco coir compost. I chose this growing medium because it was known for having many benefits, such as having strong water retention abilities. As you will see from the image below, I was quite ambitious at the time and was attempting to grow various other vegetables and fruits in addition to the tomato plant!

Tomato Seedlings

The above is a photo of the first few tomato plant seedlings that popped out from the soil. It took almost three weeks before we saw signs of life. We suspect this was largely due to the prolonged cool and cloudy weather. Fortunately, we are now seeing a lot of sun and this should hopefully give the garden a bit of a boost.

Step 3: Transplanting seedlings

Step 4: Caring for tomatoes

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