Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – Care & Growing Guide

Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum) are beautiful, evergreen houseplants that reward you with elegant white flowers during the blooming season. They make great indoor plants for beginners because they are decently tolerant of typical gardening mistakes like improper watering. Here’s everything you need to know about growing peace lilies at home.

Did you know that peace lilies have always been one of the more popular choices of plants to grow at home? According to online search data, topics around peace lily plants were searched at least 250,000 times per month in 2021. You can be comforted in knowing that there are plenty of other people around the world who you can share the pain and success with growing peace lilies at home.

Caring for Peace Lilies

Here are the basic but essential tips when growing peace lilies at home. It’s important for the basic needs of the plant to be met consistently if you would like the peace lily to live for many years and bloom white flowers as they mature.

Repotting Peace Lilies

Repotting might be necessary if your peace lily plant outgrows its current container or if the root system becomes too overcrowded.

Watering Peace Lilies

Having the right watering schedule is important if you want your peace lily to thrive. The frequency of watering, however, will differ for every location due to factors like humidity, temperature, and amount of sunlight. Find out whether misting peace lilies is also necessary for proper care.

Growing Peace Lilies in Water

Peace lilies are one of several houseplants that can be grown in water under the right conditions. Keep in mind, however, that peace lilies grown in water tend to have a shorter lifespan than those grown in soil.

Peace Lily Problems

Here are the most common problems that people come across while caring for peace lilies. Many of these problems can be reversed if you identify them at an early-enough stage. Nothing, however, beats prevention when it comes to peace lily maintenance and care.

Peace Lilies with Brown Tips

Brown tips can form along the leaves due to improper care. Find out the most common causes and ways to fix.

Peace Lilies with Yellow Leaves

Yellow leaves aren’t always a bad sign. Older leaves will naturally turn yellow and fall off. Anything else might point to a problem with the surrounding environment.

Peace Lilies not Flowering

As plants that have the potential to flower all year round, there could be a number of reasons that may explain why yours isn’t blooming with beautiful white flowers.

Drooping Peace Lily Leaves

Things can take a turn for the worse when the once lush green leaves of the peace lily plant start to droop. Here are some steps that may help revive the wilted leaves.

Gnat Infestations on Peace Lilies

Learn how to deal with gnat infestations that develop around peace lilies. It’s important to not just eliminate the adult flies but the larvae and egg hidden in the soil as well.

Keeping cats away from peace lilies

Is your cat being an asshole and not leaving your peace lilies alone? Here are some simple tricks to deter your furry pal from approaching houseplants.

Reviving a Dying Peace Lily

Find out the most common causes of a dying Peace Lily and ways to revive them before it’s too late.