My Journey of Growing Lettuces from Seed

Follow my journey of growing lettuces in the back garden!

Those of you who have had Korean barbecue before may know how much we Koreans love to wrap barbecue meat in lettuce and other leafy vegetables. It is one of my small dreams to be able to pick some lettuce straight from the garden for my next home barbecue!

Picking the lettuce variety

I grabbed some lettuce seeds from the local Robert Dyas store. The variety I went with contained a mix of salad bowl red and green. The seed packet described this lettuce plant as having attractive ‘oak leaf’ shapes and were the types of lettuce that could be picked individually as a whole.

Lettuce seeds

Step 2: Sowing and germinating seeds

My journey of growing lettuce from seeds started with adding some coconut coir compost into the seed tray. I selected this growing medium as I read it had a number of benefits that worked well for lettuce plants, such as being well-drained.

Lettuce seed tray

After about six days, the first few seedlings popped out from the seed tray! My journey actually could have ended before it even started. At around day three, the seed tray got knocked over to the side due to the windy conditions. Fortunately, we were able to easily scoop up the compost and seed and put them back into germination tray.

Lettuce seedlings

Step 3: Transplanting seedlings

Step 4: Caring for lettuce plants

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