Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) – Care & Growing Guide

Those who prefer to grow larger indoor plants tend to gravitate towards the fiddle leaf fig. These small indoor trees are best known for having large, green leaves with leather-like texture. The number of online searches around fiddle leaf figs is a testament to their popularity. In the United States, topics around fiddle leaf figs are searched at least 300,000 times a month. You won’t be alone if you need help whenever you come across issues around fiddle leaf fig care.

Caring for Fiddle Leaf Figs

Here are some great tips for growing fiddle leaf figs at home.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Problems

Here are the most common problems people have when growing fiddle leaf figs at home.

Gnats on fiddle leaf figs

When dealing with gnat infestations, it isn’t just about the adult flies. You also need to consider the larvae and eggs in the soil.

Red spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves

Here are the steps we recommend if the leaves of the fiddle leaf fig is starting to develop red spots.

Fiddle leaf fig yellow leaves

Yellow leaves is never a good sign when it starts to form on your rubber plant. Here are the steps you can take to revive your plant to its former glory.

Reviving a Dying Fiddle Leaf Fig

Find out the most common causes of a dying Fiddle Leaf Fig and ways to revive them before it’s too late.