Amaryllis – Care & Growing Guide

Amaryllis are popular choices of flowering plants. They are best known for their beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers which can appear in a variety of colors including red and pink. They are most popular in December as they typically flower in the winter months. They can make great Christmas gifts especially if they were grown by yourself.

Caring for Amaryllis

Here are some important tips when caring for amaryllis plants.

Amaryllis Problems

Here are the most common issues that people have when growing amaryllis flowers at home.

Fungus gnats around Amaryllis

It’s not great to have tiny black flies swarming around the beautiful amaryllis flowers. Here are some ways to deal with the infestation.

Reviving a dying Amaryllis plant

Here are some solutions to reviving an amaryllis plant that looks like its on the verge of dying.