Aloe Vera – Care & Growing Guide

The good old aloe vera plant. This succulent has always been one of the most popular choices of houseplants for a number of reasons. One reason has to do with exposure. You see aloe-based products everywhere. From aloe-based gel to aloe vera beverages, people naturally get interested in growing plants that produce their favorite consumer products.

Unsurprisingly, aloe vera plants saw a peak in search interest in March 2020 when people new to gardening started to search for plants to grow at home. These days, topics around aloe vera plants are searched at least 600,000 times a month in the US!

Caring for Aloe Vera

Here are some basic tips for growing healthy aloe vera plants at home. Aloe vera can make starting plants for beginners. They are low-maintenance succulents that can be quite tolerant of unideal growing conditions such as low-light or infrequent watering.

Aloe Vera Problems

Here are the most common problems that people have when growing aloe vera at home.

Fungus gnats on aloe plants

The appearance of gnats is typically a sign that there is something wrong with the aloe plant soil.

Yellow tips and leaves developing on aloe plant

Find out how to revive an aloe plant that’s starting to turn yellow along the tips and the leaves.

Dying Aloe Vera Plants

Find out the most common causes that lead to the death of an aloe vera plant and solutions you can use before it’s too late.