African Violet – Care & Growing Guide

African violets are one of the most popular flowering plants in the world for several reasons. Unlike many other plants, African violets have the capacity to flower all-year round. More importantly, their vibrant purple flowers are aesthetically pleasing and make great additions to the decor of many homes.

Search interest around African violets tend to peak in the early summer months of April and May. This would typically be the best time of the year to buy African violets if you are seeking plants that are already mature.

Caring for African Violets

Here are some simple tips for those who grow African violets at home.

African Violet Problems

Here are the most common challenges and problems that people have when growing African violets at home.

African Violet fungus gnat infestations

Here are some simple ways to deal with the annoying flies that may have started to appear around the African violet plants.

Reviving a Dying African Violet

Find out the most common causes of a dying African Violet and ways to revive them before it’s too late.