Cheap Indoor Grow Tents with Space for Lights and Ventilation Fans

These indoor grow tents provide an optimal environment for vegetables, fruits, and herbs to grow. A good grow tent should have a structure for adding grow lights and a good ventilation system. Check out these affordable grow tents.

Cheap Indoor Grow Tents

This indoor grow tent doesn’t possess too much space. It comes with two sturdy hanging bars, which you can attach grow lights to.

Vivosun Grow Tent

The Positives
Can fit plenty of gardening containers for people who want to start a small vegetable garden indoors.
The Negatives
Some light may leak through the velcro or zipper.Better suited for gardening beginners.

Amagabeli Grow Tent
This hydroponic grow tent comes with 98% reflective Mylar interior lining and a double-sleeved vent hole.

Amagabeli Grow Tent

The Positives
Enclosure allows for optimal light, humidity, and temperature control. Outer shell of grow tent is sturdy and durable.
The Negatives
Primary zipper handle might be a bit short for some people. This could make it slightly difficult to open and close the grow tent.

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