Best Allergy Face Masks When Mowing and Cutting Grass

Lawn Mowing Masks

Grass pollen is a major culprit of seasonal allergies. Grab one of these allergy protection face masks if you find yourself walking through a cloud of dust and pollen while mowing.

Allergy Masks for Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Masks

1. 3M Lawn and Garden Respirator

This protective mask is specifically made for people who spend time in the garden and lawn. The metal strip over the nose creates a tight seal and prevents your glasses from fogging.

2. Disposable Mask by Protect Life

This disposable face mask by Protect Life protects you from the pollen and debris released after cutting the lawn grass. The adjustable nose band and the elastic fastening strips allow you to easily adjust the mask to your face shape.

3. Air-Purifying Respirator

People with serious grass allergies may want to invest in a mobile air-purifying respirator. These mobile respirators have highly-efficient filters that provide protection against dust, fumes, and other air pollutants. The respirator also provides full protection for your eyes.

Other Grass Allergy Prevention Tips

In addition to wearing a face mask, here are some other tips to help you prevent grass allergy symptoms while mowing the lawn.

Wear Long-Sleeved Clothes

It’s not ideal to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants during the hot summer but it’s important to cover up as much of your body as possible while mowing the lawn. Get changed as soon as you are done with your landscaping work.

Mow the Lawn in the Afternoon

The amount of pollen in the air varies from hour to hour. According to, pollen count is typically highest between 5 am and 10 am. When possible, do your mowing in the afternoon (when the pollen count gradually falls).

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