Why Gnats and Flies Swarm Around Your Head


There can be several reasons for gnats that swarm around your head. First, gnats love moisture and salt. They can get a combination of the two from your tears, sweat, and breath. They also love the smell of bad breath and carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately, gnats also love pleasant smells. They can follow you around because they have caught a whiff of your shampoo scent, hair food, and other hair products. Your facial cream may also be the reason these critters buzz around your head and not of others. Additionally, perfumes with fruity fragrances are a gnat magnet. Keep in mind that gnats are attracted to the smell of fruit, which is why they target kitchens in the first place.

The only real problem gnats cause is irritation and annoyance. You could consider using unscented hair products when stepping out. Keep your face free from fruit-based products as well. If the problem is especially irritating, wear things that will cover and protect your face, including sunglasses.

Ultimately, the best way to stop gnats from swarming around your face and hair is by getting rid of them at home. We cover a number of home remedies for getting rid of gnats including the use of vinegar traps and yellow sticky traps.