Most Common Places in the House Where Gnats Lay Eggs

Gnat Control

Whenever you have a gnat infestation at home, you may wonder where the swarm of tiny flies suddenly appear from. Knowing where gnats lay their eggs is the first step to defeating these tiny flying pests. Knowing where they lay their eggs will also help you figure out the type of gnats you are dealing with. Here are the most common places where gnats lay their eggs.

Houseplant Soil

If the gnats seem to be originating from the houseplants then you are most likely dealing with the fungus gnat. These species of gnats lay their eggs in the soil (usually when it’s nice and damp). You can recognize the eggs by looking for tiny, yellow-white specks on the surface of moist soil. These eggs will eventually hatch into fungus gnat larvae.

Bathroom and Kitchen Drains

Gnats that congregate around the bathroom or kitchen are likely to lay their eggs in the drain. The adult flies will seek wet organic matter that has built up along the surface of poorly-maintained drains. The eggs will be laid in masses on the slimy surface and take a few days to hatch. Cleaning the bathroom pipes is an important part of gnat prevention.

Leftover Food Waste

Gnats (or more likely fruit flies) that seem to appear from the kitchen are likely to lay eggs on decaying food waste. These flies will seek decaying organic matter (plenty of which can be found in open kitchen bins). When the temperature gets warm enough, the eggs will hatch into larvae and feed on the fermenting mass.