How to Get Rid of Gnats Get in Your Refrigerator and Freezer


There could be two reasons for gnats that get into the inner refrigerator and freezer space. First, gnats may get in because there’s a problem with the fridge door gasket. This is typically the elastic strip attached to the outer edge of a refrigerator.

Gnats are tiny so they will find a way to get through if the fridge door gaskets aren’t tightly sealed enough. There could also be debris along the gasket that prevents the fridge door from closing properly. Our suggestions are to first clean the fridge door gasket then to do a refrigerator efficiency test.

A simple way to do is by slipping a paper between the fridge seals and close the door. Now, try to slowly pull out the paper. You should feel some tension when the paper gets pulled out. If there’s no tension felt whatsoever then a replacement or repair could be necessary to prevent more gnats from entering the fridge or freezer.

Gnats will also appear in the fridge or freezer if you have food inside that’s starting to decay or rot. The next step for this is simple. Check everything that you have in the fridge and make sure throw away anything that’s no longer edible or beyond saving.

In addition to the above steps, we would suggest trying out a few home remedies to get rid of the gnats in other parts of the home. When it comes to the kitchen space, you are more likely dealing with pests like fruit flies, which originate from decaying organic matter and kitchen waste.