Where Do Gnats Live Other Than Potted Plants and Fruits?

Rotten Fruit

We know that gnats flourish in the soil of potted plants, scrounging for organic matter. We also know that they like to eat away into overripe fruit, leaving their larvae all over the place. But what happens when neither of these conditions exists but gnats are still flying around inside the house? It is a point of consternation for homeowners, but there is a simple answer to that.

Gnats can survive in a range of environments. They prefer lots of humidity, which is why they can be found in the ducts of ACs around the home.

Some classes of gnats are known to thrive in trash cans around the house because these have decomposing matter. Empty these and clean them out at least three times a week. Dirty drains and kitchen sinks are also breeding grounds for these insects because said areas contain specks of slime and organic matter that they can nibble on. Gnats can inhabit bathrooms and toilets looking for food, so these areas need to be kept clean at all times.

Generally, gnats thrive in moist areas with organic matter in them, so not having potted plants or rotting fruit around the house doesn’t guarantee they won’t infest. The only way to keep them out is by maintaining high levels of environmental hygiene and keeping moisture out of the house.