How to Keep Gnats & Fruit Flies Away From Bananas


There are several ways to protect your fresh bananas from gnats and fruit flies, but usually, the most effective one is simply prevention. When bringing a bunch of bananas back home, rinse them to clean the skin out of any potential gnats or eggs residing on it, as they can ride on top of them from the market and straight into your house. Keeping the environment clean is also crucial when dealing with gnats and fruit flies, as they will come regardless of the bananas if other food residues are present.

When storing bananas, your refrigerator or freezer should be the first option when trying to avoid gnats altogether, as they are temperature sensitive and will not get into colder places. If leaving them in a bowl on the countertop, try covering them up, as leaving them out in the open will attract gnats and other insects.

If some gnats and fruit flies start gathering up, there is a natural and cheap way to deal with them. Make a trap for them using a container with some apple cider vinegar mixed with dish soap as bait, as gnats will get attracted and try to feed on it, but the dish soap will prevent them from escaping, slowly killing them.