The Key Differences Between Fruit Flies and Gnats

Gnat Control

Gnats and fruit flies are strikingly similar and a nuisance to homeowners in similar places around the house. It can be quite difficult to tell them apart due to tiny size. Here are our tips to help you guess whether you are dealing with a gnat or a fruit fry problem at home.

Infestation Location

The first thing to check is the location of the infestation. Fruit flies mostly originate from the kitchen, specifically the kitchen bin where fruits and other food wastes could be decaying. Gnats, on the other hand, are likely to originate from the houseplant soil or from the drains. These species are referred to as fungus gnats and drain flies, both of which are hard to get rid of if they aren’t dealt with fast.

Mature fruit flies and fungus gnats are about the same size at 1/8 inches. Other gnat species, such as the eye gnat, are half as long at 1/16 inches.

Fruit flies have body color shades that range from tan to black. They have relatively rounded shapes with smooth lines and non-geometrical frames. Additionally, their eyes are noticeably big and come in red hues.

Gnats can be dark gray or black. Their bodies are not rounded, but rather long, akin to those of a mosquito. Their legs are also long and dangling. A gnat’s eyes are hard to pick out because they are very tiny.