Allergic Reaction to Gnat Bites – Symptoms & Treatment

Gnat Bite

Yes, certain types of gnat species may bite and in rare cases may lead to an allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Typically, you hear about anaphylaxis when someone gets stung by a bee or eats food that triggers an allergic reaction. Someone who is starting to show signs of an allergic reaction to gnat bites should be taken to the hospital or clinic for immediate medical care.

It’s hard to distinguish a gnat bite because the signs and symptoms are very close to what one would get from a mosquito bite. With gnat bites, you are likely to start seeing some swelling from the bitten area. There might also be a bit of bleeding from the bitten area. Those who suffer from an allergic reaction may also show symptoms like dizziness and difficulty with breathing.

As far as immediate treatment, those who get bitten by gnats should first wash off the bitten area with soap and water. It may also help to apply a cold compress to the bitten area in order to ease any irritations and swelling. If you experience anything more serious than the swelling and itchiness then it may be necessary to seek professional medical care.