How Effective Are Glue Traps for Killing Mice?

Mice Trap

Glue traps are an excellent and cheap way when trying to dispose of a mice problem but maybe frowned upon, as it’s not the best or the quickest option for them. Glue traps are also bad if you have any pets or children, as they can get glued into them, so avoid using them if you have any.

When using traps to dispose of mice, placement is critical. Try to place on spots near their nests, entrances to your house, locations close to food sources, or any place you’ve seen them before. Put them against the wall, as they usually walk along the edges of walls.

Using baits along with glue traps is unnecessary, but it might help to speed up the process. Use things like peanut butter, as mice love it, though only a small quantity is enough, as too much can enable them to reach the bait before getting trapped.

One downside of glue traps is that they are one-time use only. They can also quickly be rendered ineffective for getting rid of mice when placed into dusty or humid areas as the glue gets weakened. Extreme weather such as cold or hot places will weaken the glue as well.