5 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Yellow Jacket Nests in the Ground

These aggressive insects can sting and bite at the slightest of provocation. Use these five natural remedies to get rid of yellow jackets in the ground.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jacket Jar Trap

1. Set up Solar-Powered Jar Traps
Grab an outdoor jar trap, such as the REDEO solar trap, and place them within the vicinity of the yellow jacket nests. The yellow jackets will be attracted by the solar-powered light or the sugary solution you pour inside the jar.

Once the yellow jacket enters the jar, they will either die from drowning inside the sugary solution or from dehydration.

2. Trap the Yellow Jackets with a Glass Bowl
Trap the yellow jackets by placing a glass bowl over the ground entrance. Be sure to block other alternative exits as well. The yellow jackets will fly around inside the bowl and eventually starve to death. Do this at night to reduce the risks of getting stung.

3. Dump Dry Ice into the Nests
Dump some dry ice into the nest entrance then cover it up with dirt. The carbon dioxide released from the dry ice will asphyxiate the wasps. When using this method, take all safety precautions by wearing heavy-duty gloves and eye protection glasses.

Yellow Jacket Glass Bowl Trap

4. Sprinkle Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth
Get some food-grade diatomaceous earth and apply a generous amount of powder in the yellow jacket nests. Be sure to apply it on every nest entrance.

5. Suck Them in With a Shop-Vac
Fill a Shop-Vac with soapy water then position the vacuum head close to the entrance of the yellow jacket nest. Leave the vacuum on for a couple of hours to kill as many as you can.

Yellow jackets are one of the most aggressive species of wasps. Avoid getting stung by trying these methods an hour or two after sunset. That’s when the insects are most dormant.

Yellow Jacket Glass Bowl Trap