How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers Fast Using Home Remedies

Woodpeckers can become a nuisance with their constant tapping, especially during the early morning, but more importantly, could leave structural damages on wooden homes. Here are our top suggestions for keeping woodpeckers away from your house using natural home remedies.

1. Find and Remove their Food Source

Like any other wild animal, woodpeckers are likely to make an appearance in your backyard if there is a plentiful source of food. A major part of a woodpecker’s diet consists of tiny insects such as grubs and ants. If you are able to get rid of these pests around the house then the woodpeckers should gradually disappear on their own in search for food elsewhere.

For a clue on what the woodpeckers are feeding on, we suggest paying close attention to the areas of the house or yard where the woodpeckers are drilling holes. You will most often find the dead insects in the surrounding area.

2. Redirect the Bird’s Attention Elsewhere

To discourage the woodpeckers from pecking your house, it’s important to lure them away to a different but more attractive food source. If you don’t mind having the woodpecker around then you could set up a woodpecker feeder in the yard (the furthest point away from the house). What you would be looking for is a suet feeder, which is great for tree-clinging and tree-perching birds.

3. Set up a Decoy Predator

You could try scaring the woodpeckers away by setting up a decoy predator in a location that would be easily sighted by the woodpeckers as they swoop in. Owl and hawk decoys, for example, can be easily mounted onto flat surfaces. You may want to try different locations if the first decoy predator placement doesn’t deter the woodpeckers.

4. Set up a Physical Barrier

If the damage the woodpecker is causing is isolated to a specific area of the house or yard then you could perhaps set up some netting to cut off the bird’s access. It isn’t the prettiest solution but the netting is probably one of few fool-proof ways to keep out the woodpeckers.

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