How to Get Rid of Wall Geckos Safely


Wall geckos are considered pests, as they can swarm places by reproducing when left unchecked, leaving their feces all over the place. Though they are very beneficial in keeping other insects in check and even other pests, most people don’t like having them inside their homes. So what are the best ways to get rid of and prevent geckos from invading your house?

Geckos enjoy living in dark places, with a good humidity level and a steady source of food. Avoid geckos from moving in by taking away their hiding spots, using dehumidifiers, and cutting off food sources.

Cut off their food sources. Geckos like eating flies, so getting rid of them is essential. Cleaning up the house and taking the trash out is critical to avoiding flies that geckos enjoy.

Take care of humidity. Leaking pipes, puddles, and fountains are sources of moisture that should be disposed of if geckos turn into a big problem.

Prevent them from getting inside. Placing eggshells, cut onions, or garlic cloves near the spots they can enter your house will prevent them from doing so.

And if they’re already inside, using a mix of tobacco with cayenne pepper is a fatal bait for them.