How to Get Rid of Tree Stumps & Roots with Home Remedies


Removing tree stumps can be quite a lengthy and expensive process considering the complex root system a tree can develop in the ground underneath. Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of tree stumps and tree roots using home remedies.

1. Insert Epsom Salt into the Tree Stumps

Drill several holes in the tree stumps using a power drill. These holes should be a quarter of an inch wide. Next, fill the holes with highly concentrated Epsom salt solution. This will speed up the tree stump rotting process.

Re-apply the Epsom salt solution every few days until the tree stump starts to rot. Did you know that epsom salt could be used as a remedy for other household issues such as invasive trumpet vines and other weeds?

2. Use Rock Salt to Dry Out the Wood

An alternative to Epsom salt is rock salt. Just like method #1, drill a couple of holes in the tree stump then fill the holes with rock salt solution. This method should only be used if you aren’t growing anything within the vicinity of the tree stump.

3. Do a Controlled Burn

Make sure you check with local city ordinances to see if it is legal to do a controlled burn. Also, this method should only be used if there’s plenty of open space around the tree stump. First, drill plenty of deep holes in the tree stumps then fill these holes with combustible materials.

Next, use a fire starter to ignite the material. Do not leave the fire unattended. It may take a couple of hours but the tree stump should eventually burn to ash. Also, when doing a controlled burn, consider how it may impact the surrounding environment. For example, you want to make sure it doesn’t harm certain wildlife nearby. The smoke may also drive away beneficial insects so you need to consider the trade-offs before you attempt to do this.

If you are in a bit of a hurry to get rid of the tree stump then rent a tree stump grinder from the local home improvement store. You could even use the tree stump grindings as mulch (as long as the tree is not affected by some kind of disease).