How to Get Rid of Thistles Fast Using Home Remedies

Is your yard overgrown with thistle weeds? Use these three natural remedies to get rid of thistles without using harmful chemicals.

1. Use a Stand-Up Weeder Tool

A stand-up weeder tool, such as the TACKLIFE weeder, is a great way to get rid of thistles without breaking your back and knees. The weeder has strong claws that will grab the entire thistle plant (including the roots).

The TACKLIFE weeder also comes with a foot pedal feature that will make it much easier for the weeder to penetrate the ground and grab the whole weed.

2. Solarize the Overgrown Weeds

If there’s already too many thistle weeds in the yard then you may need to take the long-term solarization approach. Soil solarization is the process of using heat to kill the garden weeds.

Remove as much weed as possible then place weed control fabric over the affected area. The heat from the sun rays will pass through the sheet and get trapped in the soil underneath. The thistle weeds will eventually die after being baked in the sun for a couple of weeks.

3. Cut the Thistle’s Food Supply

This method will take a bit of patience but you can stop the thistles from spreading across the yard by cutting the plants off at ground level. Do not disrupt the root system. The lack of green leaves will deprive the roots of food. The roots will eventually die once you have cut the top of the thistle weeds several times.