How to Get Rid of Stinkhorn Mushrooms Fast Using Home Remedies

Have Stinkhorn mushrooms growing in your yard? Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of this fungus with home remedies. It’s important to get rid of wild mushroom growth as soon as possible. Not only are they unsightly, but the presence of mushrooms may also attract unwanted pests like mice and beetles.

1. Eliminate Ideal Fungus Growth Spots

Like most fungal species, Stinkhorn mushrooms like to grow on rotting organic matter, such as old mulch, dead roots, and leftover sawdust. Clear them away to prevent the Stinkhorns from growing in your backyard. Stinkhorns also thrive in damp conditions so don’t over-water the yard.

2. Hand-Pick the Stinkhorn Mushrooms

The last thing you probably want to do is to get close to the Stinkhorns but the most effective way to get rid of the mushrooms is to simply hand-pick them. Make sure you also collect and dispose the Stinkhorn eggs to prevent new mushrooms from growing.

3. Pour Table Salt on the Stinkhorns

You can kill Stinkhorn mushrooms by pouring good old table salt on them. Please note that this won’t affect the spores so new mushrooms may still appear after the salt is applied. Salt is also a good way to get rid of other common garden weeds like trumpet vines and dandelions.

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