6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Here is a quick summary on getting rid of stink bugs.

  1. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth near entryways like doors and windows.
  2. Apply garlic spray on areas where stink bugs frequent.
  3. Spray mint solution around possible entry points.
  4. Spray the stink bugs with soapy water.
  5. Apply neem oil near potential stink bug hideouts.
  6. Set up electric insect traps.

How to Get Rid of Stink Bug Naturally

Prefer to create your own home remedy to deal with stink bug infestations? Try any one of these natural methods below to stop the stink bugs from entering your household.

Stink Bug Home Remedy DIY Infographic

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth
As we already mentioned before, diatomaceous earth is a great way to get rid of stink bugs without the use of chemical pesticide. It may, however, take a couple of weeks to see the results you want. Be patient and experiment with sprinkling the diatomaceous earth in various locations around the household. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is non-toxic to children and pets. You should, however, still be careful and keep the powder away from their reach.

Make Your Own Garlic Spray
All you will need is some garlic and water. To create a highly-concentrated garlic spray, you should expect to mix two full bulbs of garlic with half a cup of water. Blend or crush the garlic until it has a puree texture. Mix it with boiling water then let the resulting mixture steep overnight. Next, strain the mixture to get rid of the garlic puree and pour the remaining solution into a spray. You are now equipped with a natural DIY spray that can help repel stink bugs.

Interesting Stink Bug Solutions

Apply Mint Solution
Stink bugs don’t like the scent of mint. To create a mint spray, you will either need mint essential oil or some mint leaves. The mint essential oil is the easier route. Mix about 10 drops of essential oil with two cups of water. Give it a good mix then pour the solution into a spray bottle. When the bottle is filled, spray the solution onto the leaves of plants and onto the surrounding soil. This will keep the stink bugs away from your backyard.

Spray Neem Oil
Neem oil is a plant-based solution that may help repel stink bugs. It is also one of the most noteworthy solutions to controlling stink bugs. Mix some neem oil with warm water then spray the resulting solution onto window sills and other potential stink bug entry points. Neem oil could disrupt the feeding behavior of stink bugs. Over time, some of the stink bugs exposed to the neem oil may starve to death.

Set up an Electric Zapper
Finally, for some unfortunate homeowners, stink bugs may never disappear from their household. If so, it may be worthwhile to set up a trap that’ll zap the stink bugs.

Stink Bug Control Product Recommendations

Want a proven pest control solution that will help get rid of stink bugs at home? Take a look at any one of these product recommendations below.

Stink Bug Control Products

Stink Bug Zapper
First of all, stink bugs are attracted to light. Get one of these indoor bug zapper eliminators and set them up near areas where the stink bugs frequent. Any insects that meet their demise will be caught in the tray underneath. We like this bug zapper because it’s easy to maintain and clean. If you deal with a number of pest problems then this is a must-have.

Diatomaceous Earth
One of the best natural pest control solution that more people need to know about. Diatomaceous earth can help eradicate stink bugs by breaking down the exoskeleton of the insect. This eventually causes the stink bug to dehydrate and die. Get a bag of this white powder and sprinkle it near potential stink bug entry points like doors and windows.

Insect Repellent Garlic Spray
Don’t want to get your hands all dirty and smelly by making your own garlic spray? Get one that’s ready-made. The Garlic Barrier contains a very strong concentration of garlic extract that could help repel stink bugs for many weeks. You’ll be surprised to know that the garlic smell will only linger for an hour or two.

What are Stink Bugs?

Smell of Stink Bug Odor

Stink bugs are insects native to many parts of the world, including the United States. Adult stink bugs typically have a body shape that is equal in width and length. An adult bug can be about 15 mm long. The stink bug got its name from the odor it emits as part of its defensive mechanism. This is one good reason to not stamp on them if you come across one at home.

Although these insects are fairly harmless, the last thing you probably want is for a stink bug to emit its odor indoors. Other than the methods stated above, another effective approach to handling stink bugs is to use a vacuum cleaner. Suck the bugs in then dispose the vacuum bug once you have finished identifying all potential bugs crawling around indoors.

Stink Bug Prevention Tips

The best way to get rid of stink bugs is to prevent them from appearing in the first place. Here are a few tips to prevent stink bugs from appearing at home or in your backyard.

Seal the Entry Points
Examine your home carefully and seal any potential access points for stink bugs. For example, if you notice a crevice or hole on the wall then make sure you seal it with good-quality silicone or other wall-filling materials.

Outdoor Light
Keep outdoor lights at a minimum. As we mentioned before, stink bugs are attracted to light. At night, prevent indoor light from spilling outside by closing the curtains or window blinds.

Eliminate Food Source
Most stink bugs feed on plants. Make sure you have no plant-based waste lying around at home. Examples may include the remains of fruits and vegetables. Vacuum your home on a regular basis, especially if you have a carpeted floor.

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