How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs Fast Using Home Remedies

Having stink bugs in the house can be an absolute nightmare due to the odor they emit as a defense mechanism. Some unfortunate people who have experienced it liken this smell to cilantro and burnt tires. Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of stink bugs safely using natural home remedies.

How to get rid of stink bugs

1. Create a Plastic Bottle Trap

This DIY trap works great against stink bugs. You will need a 2-liter plastic bottle, a small battery-powered cabinet light that fits in the bottle, and some black tape. First, you will cut out the top 2 or 3 inches of the plastic bottle then tape the cabinet light to the bottom. You will then invert and tape the bottle neck to the opening so that the top now sits within the bottle. Finally, add black tape to the bottom half of the bottle so the light only leaks from the neck area.

Create a few of these bottle traps and place them in dark areas of the house, such as the attic and basement, where the stink bugs are likely to come together. When you check these homemade traps the next morning, you should see them filled with stink bugs. The bugs can be discarded into a bucket of soapy water and the bottle trap can be reused.

2. Use Sticky Traps Around the House

Sticky traps are inexpensive solutions to capturing the many stink bugs that are wandering around the house. There are non-toxic sticky traps available if that’s what you are looking for. Just hang these traps next to the area of the house where the stink bugs are located. You could also get transparent sticky traps that can be placed on windows.

3. Turn Off or Block Light Sources

Stink bugs are attracted to light so they are more likely to come into houses that are super bright at night. During the peak stink bug season, we suggest turning off all outdoor lights (e.g. porch lights) and closing the curtain so that there is less indoor light that’s leaking outside.

4. Kill the Stink Bugs with Soapy Water

If you don’t want to kill the stink bugs by hand then consider creating a spray that consists of vinegar, hot water, and dish soap. Spray this solution directly onto the stink bugs to kill them. We would suggest a mixture that consists of 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup of dish soap, and a cup of hot water.

5. Seal the Crack and Holes Around the House

Make it difficult for the stink bugs to enter your house by fixing all crack and holes along the exterior of the house. Stink bugs are small and flat so they will get through tiny cracks. For doors and windows, we suggest adding weather-stripping to the sides to prevent the bugs from slipping through. This method will also prevent other flying insects, such as mosquitoes, from entering your house.

Stink bug common FAQ

Can stink bugs make you sick?

Yes, stink bugs can make you sick when you ingest them. They release a foul smell that causes nausea, vomiting, mouth irritation, and stomach upset. However, if you swallow a stink bug that dies from a pesticide, the amount of pesticide it ate will affect you.

Stink bugs spray out different kinds of pheromones for various reasons. The smelliest pheromone alerts the rest about an impending danger; Other mild pheromones will help them find food, mates, and shelter. The secretions from stink bugs are not poisonous. However, the smell can stay on your skin or clothes for days, even after washing them. Pets don’t develop any reaction when they swallow the bug.

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