How to Get Rid of Snails & Slugs Fast Using Home Remedies

Snails and slugs could leave their destructive mark on garden beds if they aren’t dealt with quickly. They are known for having a voracious appetite that can lead to serious damage on plants. Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of slugs and snails using natural home remedies.

1. Use a Natural Insect Spray

Use a natural pest control spray, such as the Dr. Earth spray, to repel snails and slugs in the backyard. These products, however, should not be sprayed directly onto plants as they may cause conditions like leaf burns.

2. Sprinkle Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

This natural powder is somewhat of a hidden gem when it comes to natural pest control. Buy some food-grade diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it on areas where the snails and slugs frequent. Diatomaceous earth has microscopic edges that can pierce the bodies of slugs and snails.

3. Set up a Beer Container Trap

First, find a spot in the garden where you can bury a container. The container should be buried deep enough so that the rim is level with the ground. Next, find some stale, flat beer and pour it into the container (about an inch deep). The snails and slugs will be attracted to the smell of the beer and drop themselves into the trap.

4. Set up a Hiding Place Trap

Snails and slugs like to hide in dark, damp spaces. Find a wet piece of wood or wooden plank and place it near an area where snails and slugs are frequently spotted. The next morning, check the wooden plank and get rid of any critters attached to it.

5. Use Emptied Grapefruit Halves

Slice a grapefruit in half then scoop out and enjoy the grapefruit flesh. Next, place the emptied grapefruit halves near affected plants and leave them overnight. You should find plenty of slugs and snails in it the next morning.

6. Scatter Egg Shells

Break egg shells into tiny pieces then scatter them on the garden soil. Snails and slugs don’t like egg shells because of their sharp edges.

7. Introduce Natural Predators

Birds love pecking at snails and slugs. Attract the birds to the backyard by setting up a birdbath. You could also consider other natural predators like beneficial insects. If conditions allow, you may want to buy praying mantis egg cases and allow these insects handle some of the pest problems.

Natural predators like birds will also help control other common household pests such as cockroaches and ants. It’s a win-win situation since they can find an easy source of food in your yard.