How to Get Rid of Skunks Fast Using Home Remedies

Skunks for the most part are harmless animals until they start to cause destruction in the yard using their long front claws. They are also known for spraying a rotten smell that you wouldn’t want to be marked with. Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of skunks from the yard using natural home remedies.

1. Catch the Skunk with a Live Animal Trap

Find a suitably-sized animal trap and set it aside in the yard using bait like peanut butter or honey on bread. Skunks are nocturnal creatures so you will want to set the traps just before it gets dark. Hopefully, you will capture the skunk the first time. If the trap isn’t successful then experiment with different locations and baits. Please note the laws regarding the release of wild animals may differ by state so check in with animal control to ensure you are not breaking any laws.

2. Repel the Skunks with Citrus and Predator Urine

If the skunk already has a den in your yard then you keep try chasing them away with smell they don’t like. During the day, sprinkle some flour around the den entrance. Once it gets dark, check to see if there are animal tracks that suggest the skunk has left the den. If yes, start stuffing the with old rags soaked with liquids like citrus juice or predator urine. You could also throw some leftover orange peels inside.

3. Set up Motion-Detecting Lights

You can try scaring the skunks off by setting up some motion-detecting lights around the yard. Not all skunks will run away but some of them may be scared off by the sudden flash of light that’s shined in their direction. This method is very useful if the skunks aren’t the only visitors to your yard at night. It could also be effective for chasing away deer for example.

4. Keep Your Yard Clear of Debris

The skunks are hanging around your yard for a reason. They might have found plenty of food to forage on. Skunks are omnivorous so their diet may consist of insects like grubs or plant-based materials. It’s important to clear away any debris that has accumulated in your yard. If the skunk is digging up your yard then it could be searching for insects, some of which could be treated using biological methods like beneficial nematodes.

5. Deter skunks with ammonia

Skunks are scavengers that can live on just about anything. They like feeding on berries, fruits, garbage, insects, and even animal waste. They hide out in messy backyards. They don’t like the smell of ammonia, which is a natural skunk repellent. One way of using ammonia includes sprinkling it on garbage cans. The smell will keep the animals away from the garbage cans. Monitor their movements and place a bowl of ammonia with a rag in the areas they frequent. Ammonia works by producing pungent fumes. Besides the smell, these fumes irritate the eyes and nose of the skunk. The method is highly effective, but you need to handle ammonia with care. Keep ammonia away from the grass as it will bleach it. Excess ammonia will also drain your plants. Additionally, it is harmful to humans, so keep it away from children and pets. If you have a pile of wood where the skunks hide, sprinkle ammonia on it.

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