4 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Skunks Digging Your Yard


Use these four remedies to get rid of skunks that aren’t just creating a stink but also digging up your backyard and lawn.

How to Get Rid of Skunks

1. Set up a Skunk Trap
Skunk traps are different from regular live animal traps because they are shaped to reduce the likelihood of the skunks spraying.

Skunk Trap

The shape of the trap can prevent the skunks from lifting their tails or arching their back. You can use baits like marshmallows and empty tuna cans to lure them in.

2. Eliminate Shelter & Food Source
The skunks are attracted to your yard for two reasons: food and shelter. Eliminate anything that could make a simple meal for the skunks.

If you notice a lot of skunk mounds then there are probably a lot of grubs in the soil. You can eliminate the grubs by using beneficial nematodes. You should also make sure the trash lids are tightly secured to prevent the odor from attracting more skunks.

Beneficial Nematodes Grubs

3. Repel with Hot Pepper Spray
This method is a hit or miss but worth trying as skunks have sensitive noses. Boil one chopped onion, one chopped jalapeno pepper, and one tablespoon of cayenne pepper in about two quarts of water for 20 minutes.

Strain the mixture then pour the hot pepper solution into a spray bottle. Start applying the hot pepper spray close to areas where the skunks are frequently spotted. Do not spray directly at the skunks as they’ll just spray back.

4. Repel with Predator Urine
Soak an old rag with fox urine then place it near the skunk’s den. You may also want to spray the urine around the perimeter of the yard to deter more skunks from entering.

Skunks are one of few wild animals that are known to carry the rabies virus so take extra precaution when you try and handle a skunk problem on your own.