How to Get Rid of Shrews Fast Using Home Remedies

A shrew is a close relative of mice and grows to about the same size. These little mammals have sharp spiky teeth and feed on seeds, nuts, insects, and worms. They have poor vision and a sharp sense of smell; they will sniff food from miles away. There are a few shrew species that produce venom. It’s an extra reason you should keep them away from your yard.

There’s no repellent or fumigant for shrews, but they are less destructive than rodents. The impact of their damage on crops is minimal despite digging holes all over the yard. You can get rid of shrews by:

1. Ensuring they don’t have a place to hide – they love burrowing in dark and moist places.

2. Discouraging habitation; rake up foliage and leaves and clear garden waste and dead branches. Keep firewood and bricks in the garage. Keep grass short and trim bushes and shrubs. Do not leave pet bowls outside. Cover all the trash bins tightly.

3. Keeping natural predators of shrews like cats and dogs. These will kill shrews or repel them with urine. Shrews have a high metabolic rate, so curing your lawn of insects deprives them of a food source, forcing them out. Lastly, use peppermint essential oil spray as a natural repellent. Do not dilute the oil as this reduces its repelling power.