How to Safely Get Rid of Scorpions in the House

House Scorpion

The best way to safely get rid of scorpions is through prevention. If you want to avoid toxic or aggressive solutions, these preventive measures will ensure that the scorpions can’t get into your home.

1. Plug holes
This may be difficult, as scorpions are skinny and can fit in the tiniest holes. You’ll have to hunt for them and find the holes that may give them access from outside into your house. Look for things like holes where cables pass through, vents, or holes in the drywall.

Tidy up
Piles of paper, unused boxes, dark drawers, quiet space in the garage, and most furniture that doesn’t see constant use are some of the favorite spots inside for scorpions. Tidying up, cleaning, and keeping your place organized goes a long way to keep scorpions away.

3 – Doors and Windows
Any door or window that connects directly outside should be treated with extra care, as scorpions are incredibly flexible. If you leave the bottom of your doors unsealed in a scorpion-prone area, you’re likely to find some inside. Scorpions can’t climb clean glass windows, but they should be sealed to avoid them squeezing by the spaces of wooden windows.