How to Get Rid of Sand Burs Fast Using Home Remedies

Are sand bur weeds invading your yard? Try using these natural control methods to get rid of the sand burs without resorting to harmful chemicals.

1. Pull the Sand Burs out with a Weeder

You will never truly get rid of garden weeds until you have dealt with their root systems. A weeder is a great way to remove sand burs without breaking your back. Get a stand-up weeder, such as the TACKLIFE weeder, and pull the sand burs out one by one. The TACKLIFE weeder has an ergonomically-designed handle to reduce wrist fatigue.

2. Use the Soil Solarization Method

If the sand bur invasion is out of control then you may need to resort to the soil solarization method. It takes a long time (a couple of weeks at minimum) but it is an effective way of killing garden weeds via the use of heat.

Use a weeder to get rid of as many sand burs as possible then place a clear plastic sheet over the area. Dig small trenches along the side to seal the weed control fabric to the ground. The heat from the sun will pass through the plastic sheet then get trapped underneath it. The sand burs will eventually die due to the intense heat.

3. Get rid of their Food Source

This is another natural weed control method that’ll take time. Remove the weed’s food source by cutting off the top of the plant while leaving the roots untouched. No green leaves = no photosynthesis = roots will eventually die due to lack of food.