How to Get Rid of Rock Chucks Fast Using Home Remedies

Rock chucks are peaceful animals. They make their home under objects and burrow to look for food. However, if they spot a pile of rock in your compound, your vegetable garden might suffer.

There are several ways to detect the presence of rock chucks; some holes near rock piles in the backyard, chew marks on your landscaping, or disappearance of vegetables in your garden. These small animals will also chew at your electric fence and plastic water pipes.

There are repellents in the market, and the organic ones are based on pepper and garlic, which marmots hate. However, you will need to throw the repellent into the burrows after every few weeks. The frequency for reapplying will increase with incidents of precipitation- the rains wash down the repellent.

Trapping is the most effective non-toxic approach to getting rid of rock chucks. Simple traps are easy to place and can either be bought online or in your nearest store. Some homeowners trap and release marmots away from areas of human habitation, while others use them as food for pets, especially dogs.