4 Humane Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons in the Attic & Roof

Raccoon Control

Do you have raccoons and possibly raccoon babies hanging around the attic or roof? Here are four remedies to keep them away.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

1. Set a Carpet Cage Trap

Get a raccoon-sized trap, such as the animal trap by Amagabeli Garden & Home, and place some irresistible snacks, such as cat food and marsh mellow, inside the cage. Next, place a thick, long blanket underneath the cage. The blanket should stick out far enough for you to throw it over the trap without getting spit at by the trapped raccoon.

Raccoon Animal Cage Trap

People usually get rabies from raccoons if they are bit by one but it’s also possible to get it from their saliva if it comes into contact with a person’s eye, nose, mouth, or open wound.

2. Set up an Ultrasonic Repeller
This is more of a raccoon prevention method but placing an ultrasonic repeller around your property could deter raccoons from entering your attic space. The ultrasonic waves emitted from the device are enough to frighten small rodents like raccoons.

3. Scare Raccoons Away with Bright Lights
Raccoons are primarily nocturnal creatures so this trick may help keep the raccoons away from your attic. Find a lamp that emits strong, bright light and place it in the attic. At some point, the raccoons may find the light to be a big annoyance and leave to find another home.

4. Keep Your Garbage Secured
Don’t give any reasons for raccoons to wander into your property. Raccoons are omnivorous creatures that can eat a wide variety of food. Make sure your garbage bins have locking lids and dispose the garbage regularly to prevent the odor from seeping around your neighborhood.

Warning: raccoons are agile creatures that can carry infectious diseases like rabies. For your safety, we strongly recommend calling the professionals to handle any raccoon problems you have on your property.

Also, please note your fight isn’t over after the raccoons are removed from your roof or attic. You need to find where the raccoons entered from and fix it before more of them enter your property in the near future.