How to Get Rid of Raccoons Fast Using Home Remedies

Raccoons, in general, are fairly harmless compared to other nuisance animals you may get in the yard. In a lot of cases, the only damage they may do is to scrounge through your garbage or compost pile in search for food.

Despite this, it’s probably a good idea to keep the raccoons out because they are unpredictable creatures. They are also known for being rabies vector species so the last thing you would want is to get bitten by a raccoon. Here are our top suggestions for keeping raccoons out of your house and yard space using natural home remedies.

1. Set up Live Raccoon Traps

It’s best if you let animal control handle this because of the unpredictable nature of these animals but if you would like to take a head start then one step you can take is to set up live animal traps around the yard. Raccoons are omnivorous so they will be attracted to both plant and animal foods. We suggest trying baits like fruits, nuts, and berries to coax the raccoons into the trap. Once captured, call the animal control specialists to have the raccoons removed safely.

2. Keep Your Outdoor Bins Secure

As mentioned earlier, raccoons are best-known for going through the garbage in search for food. If there’s no garbage to begin with then the raccoons probably wouldn’t make an appearance in your home in the first place. For outdoor bins, we suggest using ones that have tight-sealing lids so that there is less food waste odor coming out. You can also buy utility straps to stop the raccoons from opening the bin lids.

Getting a garbage disposal with a secure lid would also prevent other pests from making their presence known. You, for example, wouldn’t want to deal with gnats as well as raccoons.

3. Repel the Raccoons with Cayenne Pepper

Raccoons don’t like the scent of cayenne pepper so applying it to the perimeter of the yard and house may keep them away temporarily. To make an effective hot pepper repellent, we suggest boiling one chopped onion, one chopped jalapeno pepper, and one tablespoon of cayenne pepper in two quarts of water. Strain the mixture once it has cooled then apply the hot pepper solution along the fence.

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