Fast & Effective Ways to Get Rid of Quackgrass

Weed Grass

The best way to deal with quackgrass is prevention. Checking any new plants and nurseries, you bring home from quackgrass will avoid an enormous headache. Taking the time to carefully check any new addition to the garden before planting will ensure this weed doesn’t take root.

When spotting any quackgrass in a nursery or garden, dealing with the problem is extremely important as this weed spread incredibly fast, especially in sandy soils. Quackgrass looks like grass but with broader leaves and a rough feel when touching. Its roots are thick and white.

Once spotted, the best way to remove already existing quackgrass is to slowly pull each, one by one, making sure that the roots are also being removed to be the best of one’s ability. When going for complete removal, it’s necessary to dig a 1 ft deep hole around the quackgrass to remove its roots entirely when catching this weed during its early growth. Proceed by then backfilling the hole and then covering the area with a clear plastic piece to avoid sunlight from reaching it, impeding its regrowth. This only works in warm weather.