Amazingly Fast Ways to Get Rid of Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles are bugs that eat through softwood and hardwood, damaging structures and furniture. Though it’s hard to spot an infestation before it happens, looking for sawdust signs layered on the wood and small holes are distinct signs for them.

When dealing with powderpost beetles, the adults are the smallest of concern, as they usually only live enough to lay more eggs and don’t cause significant damage. The true culprits are the larvae, which are deposited deep inside the wood’s surface and will eat it from the inside out.

To get rid of them, you have to kiln or dry out exceptionally well the wood, as they thrive only in wood with around 15% humidity or more. Freezing the wood is also an option if you know there are larvae inside and need to get rid of it if it’s small enough to fit into a freezer. Keep in mind that this will add moisture to the wood again, requiring it to be adequately dried out and isolated from other infested wood.

To prevent this issue, only buy wood from places with a warranty that has appropriately dried out wood with no holes or damage.