4 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Pigeons on Your Roof & Balcony

Have pigeons pooping all over your roof and balcony? Try these four remedies to get rid of the pigeons without using any poison.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons

1. Install Anti-Roosting Spikes
Stop the pigeons by installing the anti-roosting spikes on the roof and balcony surface. Look for spikes that are corrosion and weather resistant.

Anti Roosting Spikes Pigeons

2. Call a Bird Abatement Service
If you are in a rural-enough area then consider calling a falconry-based bird abatement service. These services use trained falcons and hawks to scare away annoying birds like pigeons. The presence of a natural predator is enough to chase away the pigeons.

You may have read about using decoy predators like plastic owls to scare away the pigeons. In most cases, fake owls won’t work because pigeons are smart creatures. They will eventually be able to tell the difference between fake and real predators.

Pigeons Water Spray

3. Implement Bird Netting on Your Balcony
Seal the pigeons out of your property by implementing bird netting. Your focus should be to block out areas where the pigeons can easily roost.

4. Scare Pigeons Away with Water Blaster
Scare the birds away with jets of water. The best way to automate the water shooting process is to use a motion-activated sprinkler. These units will detect bird movements then shoot an annoying squirt of water to scare the pigeons away.

Bird Spikes