How to Get Rid of Pigeons Fast Using Home Remedies

Pigeons can be a big nuisance, especially if a flock of pigeons decide to make your roof, patio, or balcony space your home. Here are our top suggestions for keeping the pigeons away without hurting them.

1. Make it Hard for the Pigeons to Perch

By now, you should know in which part of the house the pigeons like to perch on. This could, for example, be the railings on the balcony, or even a large statue in the backyard. You can make it difficult for the pigeons to land on these surfaces. For flat surfaces, we suggest setting up stainless steel spikes for small birds. They aren’t visually appealing but do a good job in keeping the pigeons away. It will also stop all kinds of birds from nesting on your porch or balcony.

Another temporary trick is to apply petroleum jelly. This works great for areas of the house where you aren’t able to set up the bird spikes. The birds won’t like landing on the sticky gel and will end up flying elsewhere for a place to perch. You will need to apply the petroleum jelly periodically to maintain its effectiveness.

2. Set Up a Decoy Predator

This method is a hit-or-miss but worth a try given it’s a fairly inexpensive method. Setting up decoy predators such as inflatable owls may keep the pigeons away from your house. You need to make sure the decoy predator is positioned in an open, visible area. Decoy hawks may also work as well.

3. Hang Reflective Materials like CDs

This could be a good opportunity to make use of all the old CDs that you have stacked in the closet or attic. Attach the CDs to a thick string then hang them next to the area of the house where the pigeons are hanging about. The shiny reflection of the CDs may scare the birds and keep them away. The birds are unlikely to land on your balcony, for example, if their vision gets distracted while in flight.

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