How to Get Rid of Pecker Gnats Fast Using Home Remedies

The term ‘pecker gnat’ is slang for the gnats that fly around dog genitalia. They love animal fluids more than other food sources like insects and plant fluids.

It’s easy to get rid of pecker gnats. First, you need to keep your pets clean. Ensure your dog gets frequent baths to keep its genitalia clean. Ensure that the house and dog’s beddings are clean. There are some traps you can use to reduce the population of pesky pests. First, use a solution of vinegar and liquid soap. Place the solution near the dogs’ sleeping and feeding areas.

You can use a fruit fly trap to attract more gnats and trap them. Pour a little vinegar into a jar. Drop a small piece of banana in the jar, then roll up a piece of paper to a funnel shape. Tape it at the jar’s mouth with the narrow part inside the jar. Place the jar near the dog’s feeding or sleeping area. The gnats will follow the banana smell but will not find a way out.

Lastly, you can spray your dog with essential oil. Use a small concentration of the oil to prevent any reactions. Consult a vet before you spray puppies. Food grade diatomaceous earth helps kill pecker gnats. Sprinkle some powder on the dog’s bed and a thin layer on its genitalia. The powder will dehydrate the pests, and in a few days, you’ll free your house.