How to Get Rid of Opossums Fast Using Home Remedies

Opossums are nocturnal creatures that may cause a bit of nuisance if they stick around your house for too long. They may, for example, damage the garden bed as they forage for food. Their urine is also known for creating stains along the ceilings and walls.

However, before you go through our top suggestions for getting rid of opossums, we ask that you think twice. Opossums are excellent tick hunters so having them around may keep the tick population in check.

1. Keep the Outdoor Trash Secured

Opossums have a great sense of smell so they are likely to be attracted to your home if they smell the slightest whiff of food waste from the outdoor bins. Make sure the outdoor bins are tightly secured and the trash bags inside are also properly tied together. If there’s no food for the opossums to forage then they will naturally go elsewhere in search for food.

Having a proper garage disposal will also prevent other pests like gnats and maggots appearing, especially when the weather starts to get warm.

2. Use a Live Animal Trap

If there’s an opossum inside your house or under your house deck then your best bet is to capture the animal with a live animal trap. Canned pet food is an excellent bait to lure the opossums into the trap. Before you set them up, please contact the state wildlife agency to understand how you are able to legally handle the opossums.

3. Set up a Portable Radio Under the Deck

If you already have some opossums under the deck then one way to drive them out is by placing a portable radio underneath at night. The noise will hopefully drive out the animals and make them seek shelter elsewhere. Once they are out, you may want to set up a barrier like a mini fence to prevent more opossums from entering the space underneath the house deck.

4. Remove Other Opossum Attractants

Aside from the trash, make sure your yard is kept clean. Rake away and discard fallen leaves, fruits, and seeds. It’s also important to remove debris like piles of dead wood (anything that may serve as a shelter for the opossums).

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