How to Get Rid of Onion Grass in the Lawn

Onion Grass

Getting rid of onion grass can be relatively easy, though it might take some time and work. Onion grass can be identified by its spear-shaped leaves, waxy texture, thin blades, and taller than regular grass.

They usually grow from a cluster of roots a few inches deep underground from the leaves, and even though they are easy to pull, this won’t get rid of them. The bulbs from onion grass are made to resist the pulling of their leaves, quickly regrowing them.

To eliminate onion grass completely from your lawn, look for spots where they are growing, then gently dig the area with the preferred tool about 6 inches deep. When done, reach for the roots from the bottom of the soil dug up and pull them out in a cluster. Don’t try to shake it or clean the dirt off, as this can spread it around and allow more to grow.

Instead, place it inside a container for disposal. After the roots are removed, plug the hole back with the soil. If you want to be certain they won’t regrow, apply boiling water on the spot, though this will kill other plants.