How to Get Rid of Nutsedge Naturally


Nutsedge is a type of plant that will grow in your lawn when the soil is too tightly packed, or there is an excessive amount of moisture in it. At a glance, it can be pretty similar to regular grass, but they are longer, grow faster, have a lighter shade of green coloring, and have a triangle shape.

They are undesirable because it takes over the area, using nutrients and water from the soil to feed themselves rather than the other plants and flowers you’d prefer having in your lawn.

But getting rid of it isn’t easy and can require a lot of work sometimes. Easy ways to deal with it and get rid of nutsedge while avoiding chemical herbicides is using vinegar. Vinegar from 10 to 20 percent acidity will easily kill it but will also kill any nearby plants if you don’t apply it carefully.

Another way is by spreading a layer of sugar where you suspect they might grow right at the start of the season and hose the area to spread it. If all else fails, just dug it out with a 10 to 15 inches hole.