How to Get Rid of Moths in the House with Natural Home Remedies

Having moths fluttering around the house is unsightly and may cause frustration down the road if they aren’t dealt with quickly. Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of moths in the house using natural home remedies. Which method you choose will depend on the type of moths you are dealing with. The most common species found inside the house is the pantry moth and the clothes moth.

1. Place Glue Traps Around the House

Our first suggestion is to place glue traps, such as Dr. Killigan’s moth trap, around the house. These traps are laced with a pheromone attractant to encourage the moths to land on the sticky surface. These traps tend to work best with meal moths and food moths so we suggest placing a few of them around the kitchen and pantry. If the traps don’t capture any moths after one or two days then place them in a different location. It may take some experimentation for these traps to work.

2. Discard Infested Foods and Ingredients

Pantry moths typically make their way inside homes through dry goods like cereals, flour, dry pet food, and grains. If you are dealing with these types of moths then, unfortunately, you may need to discard the dry goods in order to prevent the moth infestation from growing. Moving forward, you should always do a careful examination of any dry grocery goods you bring back home. A moth-infested food, for example, may contain tiny dark specks.

3. Stick Your Clothes in the Freezer or Dryer

Extreme temperature is an effective way of dealing with clothes moth. You could try two things. If you have enough space in the refrigerator then place the moth-infested clothes inside the freezer overnight. Alternatively, you can also dry the clothes at the hottest temperature the fabric can handle for at least 30 minutes. Either of these options should kill the moths and the moth eggs.

4. Deter the Moths with Cedar

The scent of cedar may help deter clothes moth but only while the scent lasts. You could get products like the cedar ring and attach them to the clothing hangers. You will find that not only does it do a good job of repelling moths in the house, it will also leave a nice scent in your clothes and wardrobe space.

According to specialists at New Mexico State University, cedar-lined furniture may help prevent moth infestations until the volatile oils that provide the protection dry up. One note of caution. Essential oils may be derived from natural ingredients but they may still contain chemicals that are toxic to pets. If you are a pet owner then please always check the content of the essential oil before applying them in the vicinity of cats and dogs.