How to Get Rid of Moss in the Lawn with Natural Remedies

Lawn Moss

Moss can grow in a lot of places under certain conditions and alter the texture and look of the grass on your lawn while offering nothing good in return. Due to these properties, moss can be highly undesirable to have around. There are several good ways of getting rid of it naturally, though.

Identifying the underlying problem allowing it to grow is critical to eliminate moss in your lawn completely. Check if the soil is too tightly packed or if the grass is getting enough sun, as excess humidity makes for a perfect breeding ground for moss. Acidity can also encourage moss growth, so take care of your soil to maintain low acidity.

There are two great methods to kill the moss quickly and naturally:

Baking soda – Mix 3 tablespoons to 1/4 water for smaller patches and 8 tablespoons to 1/4 water for big ones. This method also regulates acidity in the soil.

Soap – Mix 4 ounces of dish soap with 1 gallon of water.

Pour these mixtures into a spray bottle and spray it over the affected area, and let it sit for a few hours before raking.