How to Get Rid of Millipedes in Plants


Ideally, millipedes are good for your garden because they eat decomposing plant parts, which indirectly adds nutrients to the soil. They only become a nuisance when they start nibbling away at your young plants. There are also times when there are too many of them, which puts a strain on existing plant matter.

Take a simple plastic bottle. Place a piece of fruit inside it and take it to the infested area. The critters will move inside, attracted by the smell and look of the fruit. When the bottle fills up, pick it up and release the millipedes at a spot far from your plants.

A creative way of getting rid of millipedes involves introducing animals that control their population. Ravens and pigeons love feeding on them, so introducing these two has a double advantage; you get new pets, and your millipede problem is solved. Chicken is also a good animal to introduce; not only will they get rid of millipedes but they will also provide you with eggs and meat.

If the infestation happens in a potted plant, get rid of the potting soil. This means that you need to first transplant your crop, get rid of the contaminated soil and replace it with fresh material before putting it back in its original place.