How To Get Rid Of Midges From Your Garden


Midges need several conditions to thrive, such as light, stagnant water, and filth. Light sources attract many insects, and outdoor lighting is where many pests and insects will flock to. By removing it, you will significantly reduce their presence in one spot. If removing outdoor lighting is not an option, repositioning it to an area where midges and insects won’t bother you is the second-best option.

Mosquitoes and midges will procreate in any uncovered stagnant water in your garden. Clean up puddles, or seal recipients with stagnant water to reduce the number of pests breeding in your yard. Some common locations are planters, vases, and pots. By emptying common containers of water, you can eliminate the chance of a spread of midges.

While dealing with this pest, they may get inside the house, becoming an annoyance. Mesh wire, aluminum insect mesh, or stainless mesh are great options to screen windows and doors. Make sure to also apply it to openings to the house, such as plumbing pipes or cable openings. Look for and seal any gaps into the house that midges can use to enter your home.