How to Get Rid of Maggots Fast Using Home Remedies

Bins, especially wheelie bins, are an absolute prime spot for maggots to appear from. Female flies are attracted to the organic waste found in bins and will lay eggs on them. You will want to get rid of the maggots quickly if you want to avoid a fly infestation. Here are our top suggestions on getting rid of maggots using home remedies.

1. Pour Boiling Water into the Bin

The simplest solution is to give your bin a proper rinse with boiling hot water. You can do this after taking out the trash bag and removing any loose items or debris that are also stuck in the bottom of the bin.

As a follow-up to the boiling water, you can also pour in vinegar solution to reduce any chance of maggots surviving inside the bin. A ratio of about 20% vinegar and 80% water should work when making the solution.

2. Make Sure the Bin Lid Seals Tightly

You reduce the risk of maggots appearing in the bin if the flies aren’t able to get to the organic waste in the first place. For wheelie bins, getting a proper utility strap can help keep the lid in its place (even on windy days).

We suggest inspecting your bin on a regular basis, especially when the weather starts to get warmer, and making sure it is adequately maintained to prevent more maggots from appearing. The trash bags inside should also be tied as tightly as possible.

3. Let Nature Handle the Maggots

If you have a lot of birds around your area then perhaps you can let them handle the maggots. There’s nothing more effective to attracting birds to your house than to offer them an open feast. You can, for example, move the bin to an open spot where the birds are able to easily access and let them feast on the maggots. We would, however, only suggest this if the trash is not exposed to any chemicals that could be harmful to the birds.

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