How to Get Rid of Ladybugs with Natural Home Remedies


Ladybugs are harmless insects. They are actually beneficial insects that can help keep the garden pest, such as aphids, population in check. A ladybug infestation in your house, however, could become a big nuisance you would want to avoid. Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of ladybugs using natural home remedies.

1. Seal all the Possible Entrance Points

Ladybug infestations in houses are more likely to occur as the weather starts to get cooler. This is the time when ladybugs will start to seek a warm, dry shelter to spend in during the winter. Before the weather starts to drop, we suggest you identify all the cracks and gaps along the house and fix them up.

For doors and windows, we suggest adding weather-stripping along the side. It’s affordable and will also help with insulation. For cracks on the wall, use appropriate material like caulk to seal the holes. For air vents, it may help to install a screen so that it’s more difficult for the ladybugs to pass through.

2. Suck Them Up with a Vacuum

If you already have a ladybug infestation in the house then use a vacuum to capture them. You don’t want to squash the ladybugs because they can emit a stinky odor when disturbed and may also leave unwanted stains. Dispose the vacuum bag immediately once the ladybugs are captured.

This method also works well for other flying insects that may invade your house, such as June bugs and flying ants. In some cases, a dry-wet vacuum may work a lot better for catching and eliminating these pests.

3. Grow Mums Around the House

Ladybugs aren’t fans of mums so keeping a few of these plants around the house may deter them from coming in. Place them next to windowsills and other entranceways in the house. As an alternative, you could also try growing plants like citronella and lavender.

4. Set up Ladybug Houses

If you want to attract and keep the ladybugs around, but just not in your house, then you could perhaps redirect their attention to a ladybug house. You could easily build them as a DIY project or purchase beautiful ladybug houses online. These insect hotels contain material which ladybugs like such as bamboo and pine cone.

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