How to Get Rid of Japanese Stiltgrass Fast Using Home Remedies

Japanese stiltgrass is invasive and can kick out other types of grass from your lawn. Fortunately, it can be easily removed;

1. Hand-pull any visible Japanese stiltgrass from your lawn before it produces seeds. With mature plants, be careful as the disturbed soil is ample ground for new Japanese stiltgrass. The grass is shallow-rooted, so you can overwater the area before the pulling process begins.

2. Mowing is a viable option as it prevents the grass from developing seeds. The best time to mow is between August and early September. Don’t mow too low as it may expose your grass to stiltgrass infestation. Mulch your grass to block sunlight from reaching the soil. This prevents Japanese stiltgrass seeds from germinating.

3. Keep your lawn healthy and dense. Ensure you water and fertilize effectively.

4. Household vinegar also helps; it reduces the production of Japanese Stiltgrass by over 80%.

5. Dry ice kills and prevents regrowth of stiltgrass for up to three years. However, it does not kill the seeds, which remain dormant for up to ten years. You will also need a large amount of dry ice to treat a small section of stilt grass, rendering it ineffective for widespread infestation. Be cautious when handling dry ice as it sublimates to carbon dioxide.