Quick & Easy Ways to Get Rid of House Flies

House Flies

Flies are common during the spring and summer months and their buzzing noise can get super annoying once they enter your house. Fortunately, there are plenty of effective ways to get rid of the flies without having to chase them with a swatter. Here are the fly remedies and products we recommend for use at home.

Where Are the Flies?

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Fly Trapping Stick

Use a Fly Trapping Stick

This is a simple house fly solution that works both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a hook so that you can hang it where the flies frequent. Once the trapping sticks are in position, add a bit of honey or syrup to the bottom plastic cup. The surface of the trapping stick is large enough to work for up to three months before requiring replacing.

Disposable Liquid Trap

Hang Some Disposable Liquid Fly Traps

If you are dealing with flies in masses, especially if it's in the yard, then there is no better solution than these disposable fly traps. Each trap contains a scent that's irresistible to the flies. Just place a few around the yard and patio and watch as the flies enter and drown in the solution inside. These traps should only be used outdoors.

Electric Pest Killer

Set Up an Electric Pest Killer

Consider getting an electric pest killer for a long-term solution that's almost maintenance-free. Almost all flying insects are attracted to a bright light source so any house flies that get close enough to the bulb will get immediately zapped. It's a chemical-free solution that will work for a number of flying insects.

Salt Shooting Fly Gun

Shoot the Flies with Salt

If you are only dealing with a few occasional house flies then you could use this non-toxic solution to get rid of the flies. Add a pinch of salt to the chamber and aim away. The gun is accurate within three feet.

DIY Fruit Trap

Create Your Own DIY Fruit Trap

Find an empty soft drink bottle cut the bottle at the point where the upper-half starts to narrow. Put some fruits in the bottom-half of the bottle then flip over and stick the upper-half inside the bottom-half so that it becomes a funnel. Seal the edges of the bottle with tape. The scent of the fruits will attract the flies and trap them inside. For added measure, you can stick double-sided tape inside the bottom-half of the bottle so that some of the flies get stuck.

Trash Can

Take Your Trash Out Regularly

You can prevent the house flies from appearing in the first place by removing the most common sources where flies appear. The trash can is the perfect place for flies to lay their eggs and grow in number. We suggest you do two things. First, get a trash can that has an airtight lid. This prevents the trash odor from spreading and attracting the pests. Second, take out the trash on a regular basis. This is most important for hot places.

Window and Door Gaps

Seal the Exterior Gaps

Look for gaps along the house where the flies can easily enter. Doors and windows may have old weather-stripping that no longer blocks the outside elements. If you have a pet and like to let them outside then it may also help to get a pest screen door.

What Attracts Flies into the House?

The above remedies and products will have no impact if you also don’t deal with the source of the problem. We would like to remind everyone that prevention is the best form of pest control. Find out what’s attracting the house flies in the first place and get rid of all potential sources.

Leftover Foods

Leftover food is one of the most common reasons for the presence of house flies. You should scope out the whole house, paying special attention to the kitchen and dining room, and get rid of any food that’s left out in the open. Flies are amazing odor detectors so even the slightest scent of food can attract them in masses. Any food that you don’t want to discard should be secured in tightly-sealed containers. This will also prevent the development of other common household pests like roaches and ants.

Bright Light

Bright light can attract all sorts of flying insects, which can be problematic for people who live in fairly rural areas. During the peak fly season, we suggest you try to prevent light from leaking out of your house at night by closing the curtains. You could also put a lamp or a bright electric pest trap in the yard to redirect the insect’s attention.


It’s not just leftover food that flies are attracted to. Any other decaying organic matter in the trash can may also attract their attention. As highlighted earlier, it’s important to take out the trash on a regular basis and prevent odor from leaking by getting a high-quality bin with a tightly-sealed lid.

Common Questions About House Flies

What is a Natural Fly Repellent?

You can try making your own natural fly repellent at home but these DIY solutions tend to only have a temporary effect. Popular natural remedies for fly control include diluted essential oil, and cinnamon.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Get Rid of Flies?

If you are dealing with drain flies then it helps to ‘disinfect’ the bathroom and kitchen drains on a regular basis. One method of cleaning the drain is by pouring down hydrogen peroxide. It will foam up and kill the flies and any eggs that they have laid along the sides of the drain.