How to Get Rid of House Flies Using Natural Home Remedies

House Flies

Are there annoying flies buzzing around your house that you simply haven’t been able to catch? Here are our top suggestions for getting rid of house flies without using anything that’s toxic.

1. Get Rid of the Source of the House Flies

Most household pest problems will disappear on their own if you eliminate the source. In most cases, the source of house flies is the trash can. They can appear in number especially during the hot summer days. We suggest taking out the trash on a regular basis and to also use a kitchen bin that comes with a tight-sealing lid to prevent food waste odor from spreading around the house.

In addition to the kitchen bin, it’s important to keep your house spotlessly clean. Vacuum every part of the house to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris, and make sure to also do the dishes regularly. If done correctly, the house flies should gradually disappear on their own in a clean house.

2. Set up Vinegar Fly Traps

An inexpensive DIY method for dealing with house flies is to set up vinegar traps. All you need is a jar or bowl, apple cider vinegar, dish detergent, and saran wrap. First, pour apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap into the bowl and give it a good swirl. Next, wrap the top of the bowl with saran wrap and poke a few holes (large enough for the flies to enter). Finally, place these traps in the kitchen and other parts of the house where the flies are seen.

3. Seal Your Windows and Doors

In some cases, the flies could be entering your house from outside. Check all your windows and make sure there’s no gaps along the edge of the window that’s big enough for the flies to enter. It may also help to add some weather-stripping along the sides of doors and windows.

4. Trap the Flies with Adhesive Sticky Traps

You can also purchase inexpensive sticky traps to capture the house flies. Most fly sticky traps have a bright yellow color in order to be visually-appealing to flies and other flying insects. We suggest setting up a few of these sticky traps around the house and give it a day or two before the flies start sticking to the surface of the trap.

There are also transparent sticky traps, such as the Catchmaster clear window trap which you can stick to the windows. This is useful if you notice that the flies are always trying to escape through a closed window.

5. Clean the Kitchen Drains

There could be all kinds of nasty stuff stuck in the kitchen drain if you haven’t been properly discarding the leftover food waste. We suggest getting an enzyme-based cleaner to give the kitchen pipes a proper clean. One product we recommend is the Green Gobbler Fly Control, a citronella-based gel that clings to the side of the pipes and kills any flies and eggs that the gel makes contact with. Any lone house fly can be easily swatted with an electric swatter.

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