How to Get Rid of Holly Trees & Bushes Fast Using Home Remedies

Holly bushes are a decent addition to your foliage. Sometimes, however, they are a nuisance since you cannot keep a compound neat with too many of them around. They are resistant to many management methods. However, these two methods have proven effective over the years.

1. Uproot the holly bush – this is an effective but tedious method. Cut down the tree and dig out the soil around the stump up to the root level. After that, you can either pull the stump out using machinery or cut part of it out using a chainsaw.

2. You can also gradually kill the holly bush. You will need to prune the bush close to the ground. Afterwards, hammer copper spikes into the middle of the trunk. The best seasons to apply this method is over the winter and fall. At these times, tree roots are actively pulling nutrients.

When you do this, you inhibit the intake of nutrients, hence, gradually killing the bush. Use an opaque tarp to cover the stump to starve it off sunlight. You can accelerate the process by pouring bleach near the roots.