5 Natural Remedies to Remove Lice Eggs from Your Hair

Is your hair infested with lice and lice eggs? Try these five natural remedies to get rid of lice eggs from your hair once and for all.

How to Get Rid of Lice Eggs

Lice Egg Wash

1. Use a Lice Comb
First, make sure you have a comb that’s designed to easily pick off lice eggs from your hair. Lice combs generally come with thin metal teeth to help pick out the smallest of lice nits.

2. Apply Natural Lemon Juice
Squeeze some lemon juice and wet your hair with it. Leave it on for about ten minutes before washing your hair. Lemon juice can get rid of lice eggs by dissolving the substance that glues the
lice egg to the hair shaft.

Coconut Oil Head Lice

3. Coat with Coconut Oil
Give your hair a good greasing by coating it with coconut oil. Leave the coconut oil on your hair for the whole day. Once time has passed, give your hair a good wash then comb out as many lice eggs as you can.

4. Use Tea Tree Shampoo
Tea tree oil can kill the lice by suffocating them. Instead of using the essential oil, you can wash your hair on a regular basis with tea tree shampoo to get rid of the lice nits.

5. Spray with Vinegar Solution
Make a vinegar solution by mixing one part water with one part white vinegar. Next, spray the vinegar on your hair and make sure to massage your hair so the vinegar is applied evenly. Give it about half an hour before you start to comb out the lice nits.

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