How to Quickly Get Rid of Head Lice & Eggs from Your Hair

Head Lice Removal

Are you one of many unfortunate individuals dealing with a head lice problem at home? Head lice are small parasites that lodge themselves onto the human hair, where they like to get their blood meal. Head lice aren’t known for spreading diseases but you should still try to get rid of them as quickly as possible as they may pose other health concerns.

What are Head Lice?

Head lice are blood-sucking insects that like to live on the human head (including the scalp and hair). An adult head louse is typically the size of a sesame seed so they aren’t always the easiest to detect. Head lice season tends to peak in the late summer months (July and August), but how exactly do people get them? The most common ways include:

When dealing with head lice, it’s important to also deal with the lice eggs, which are also known as nits. A lot of people that deal with pest infestation problems at home pause the pest control remedies after they have dealt with the adult bugs. However, a pest infestation is never truly over until all the eggs are removed as well.

According to the CDC, head lice infestations are more common with young children, especially those that attend child care and elementary school. If you have children at home then we suggest you pay close attention to their hair so that you can nip the infestation at an early stage.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice & Nits

Head Lice Comb

Severe head lice infestations should be dealt with by doctors and other relevant medical professionals. If you only notice a few head lice here and there then there is a possibility that they could be dealt with using home remedies. Here are some suggestions for dealing with head lice.

Use the Wet Combing Method

The easiest way to get rid of head lice is to pick them out using a lice comb. You will need someone else to assist you when using the wet combing method. First, wet your hair then apply plenty of conditioner all through the hair. Start from the scalp then work your way towards the hair end.

The second step is to comb the hair conditioner through the hair using a regular comb. This will make it difficult for any hidden head lice to grip your hair and crawl around. Once done, apply the lice comb to the hair going section by section. Wipe the lice comb on a paper towel to check for any head lice or nits that get caught. You may need a magnifying glass to identify them.

Suffocate the Head Lice

Another method is to “suffocate” the head lice by coating your hair with almond, coconut, or olive oil. Some people may suggest using Vaseline or mayonnaise but we would not recommend using either due to the mess they will cause and the difficulty of washing them out from the hair.

After you are done applying the oil, we would still suggest going through your hair with a lice comb to pick out any head lice and lice eggs that are lingering around your scalp. When applying the oil, it’s important to apply it from the root of the hair so that you leave no room for the lice to hide.

Use Essential Oil to Repel the Lice

Essential oil could be used as an alternative. The oil, however, should be used with great care. It is made of natural chemicals but can still be highly toxic, especially if it has not been diluted. Some people may also have allergies to certain types of essential oils so always take precautions before using them.

Certain types of essential oils are known to be more effective than others when it comes to pest control. The types of oils that may be worth looking into are tea tree oil, lavender oil, neem oil, and eucalyptus oil. You will need to mix it with some type of carrier oil before applying the mixture on your hair. Don’t dilute it with water as it won’t mix with the essential oil.

Clean Items that Touch the Hair

Stop the head lice from spreading by washing the items that get into regular contact with your hair. This could include fashionable items like hats, scarves, and sweaters, or household items like pillow cases and towels. Wash and dry these items in the highest temperature setting the items would be able to handle.

Go to a Head Lice Treatment Service

Yes, there are professional services designed for helping you eliminate all the head lice and lice eggs on the hair. These services will apply the appropriate treatment to your hair and comb out all the lice and nits using a professional-grade lice comb.

Common Questions About Head Lice

Here are some other common questions that people have when it comes to head lice treatment. Learning more about your enemy will help you get rid of them much quicker.

Can Head Lice Live on Pillows?

Unlike other household pests like bed bugs and fleas, it’s highly unlikely that you will find head lice in places like your pillow and couch. They will not survive for long once they are off their host. This is why it’s important to wash your pillows regularly in the slightest of chance a head louse has made its way onto your pillow case.

Will Vinegar Kill Nits?

Vinegar on its own is unlikely to be super-effective in killing the nits, but it can most definitely play a part. The role of the vinegar is to loosen up the glue that allows the lice egg to stick to the shaft of your hair. Once the glue is loosened, you can easily pick out the nits using a lice comb. We suggest trying this method out with vinegar.

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