How to Get Rid of Harvester Ants Fast Using Home Remedies

Harvester ants are different species of ants that forage for food. They have a granary in their colonies, and their primary sources of food are mushrooms and seeds. On a few occasions, they eat other insects.

Harvester ant colonies can survive for a long time, with queens living for up to17 years. While they pose no danger to humans, these ants have a vicious bite that can elicit allergic reactions. Below are some applicable remedies to an infestation;

1. Discing and mowing are effective methods of dealing with harvester bugs. These activities destroy their habitat, forcing them to find a new home.

2. Use white vinegar in their mound; mix vinegar and water in equal parts, then add a few drops of essential oils. The smell and texture of this solution repel ants.

3. Pour salt into the mound. Dissolved salt will work best as it flows deep.

4. Pour generous amounts of water into their mound. It will kill all the ants and their queen. Repeat the process for three days to ensure none has survived.

5. Diatomaceous earth is the best remedy for ants as it dehydrates ants it comes in contact with.